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We recently received a notification from Elegant Themes, the creators of Divi which informed us that their recent Divi update addressed critical security risks. These risks are deemed so critical that Elegant Themes is providing a free updated Divi download for ALL who have EVER purchased this theme, regardless of current license/support status.

Today our Divi, Extra and Divi Builder products were updated to improve overall security and to fix security issues identified by our team and an independent security researcher during a scheduled internal code audit. Updating these products to their latest versions will apply the patch, keeping your website secure.

This has inspired us to offer free Divi updates if you are affected. We know a proper theme update might be a bit beyond your comfort level, so simply contact us and we can discuss your options and terms of this offer.  Website security is a primary concern for us at IT Nachos, in part so that it doesn’t have to take up critical business operation time, but also the ensure the secure growth of eCommerce and website traffic in general.  Don’t be afraid to reach out even if you are not sure you are affected and we can discuss how to unburden you from overall website maintenance and upkeep.

Here is direct from Elegant Themes regarding who is affected.  Please note this update is version number 3.17.4, so any versions prior are affected;

The problems identified affect all websites using the Divi theme, Extra theme or the Divi Builder plugin. Specifically it affects these websites that also have open user registration or low level post authors.

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting with providing you and your audience a safe and prosperous internet experience!

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